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Michael Jackson isn’t dead; he’s just gone undercover. He needs to hang low until the US Government gets off his tail. Why does the US Government want him? He’s not only wanted by 4 of the 5 secret societies that control them, but he’s also in part personally responsible for the events that took place on 9/11/2001. Here are the facts; on 9/10/2001 (yes; a day before the whole world-trade center/pentagon/some-field thing) he performed a concert. But not just any concert! At this “performance” he could bee seen making many fervent hand and leg gestures while he sang. Now, to the untrained eye this could be interpreted as a simple seizure, but for those initiated (or clued in on) the secrets of Al-Qaeda’s inner circle, the true nature of these movements is immediately apparent; a secret steganographic code. The cipher operates much like the Pigpen transposition cipher commonly used by the Freemasons, except using the human body as a steganograph to add an additional layer of fuzziness… that is to say “more flailing.” The movements of his limbs mimic the corresponding correspondences on the correspondence chart mapping correspondences, allowing for subsequent decorrespondence. When you piece the pieces back together they spell out an insidious call to action: “BEAT IT”.

– Phnepsilon, The Suffixless


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