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Soon after I posted my first article on the Michael Jackson conspiracy, my blog was deleted and I was forced to drop the “U” from my name and start a new blog on wordpress. I am now posting again as a show that I will not be silenced. Listen here, as long as Michael Jackson lives, I plan to do my duty as a United States of American and make that life a living hell. Anilluminati or no Anilluminati, the truth will prevail. So I say once again, MICHAEL JACKSON LIVES. Now moving on to the Straight Talk.

The mainstream media may (for the first time ever) be catching up to the truth. Michael Jackson’s body has been reported missing. Yes; missing. Of course neither of us are surprised, but please understand that this is a big step for a group of people who declared Bush the winner of our 2000 election*.

The Media’s surprisingly bullet-proof logic is this: 1. Some law somewhere states that you have to be buried where your death certificate says you are 2. People are saying his isn’t yet. The Jackson family, being a law abiding bunch, would of course ensure that the body was in the ground as fast as possible. Sounds like a pretty solid case to me! This is not even mentioning the unsightings of his corpse within the casket that occurred some point after the procession. Still a skeptic? Well, most compelling of all is that his family isn’t talking. Why would you not say something if you didn’t have something to hide?

Hail Eris and all that Jaz.

– Phnepsilon, The Suffixless AKA The Gin Fairy AKA Shnepsilon AKA Phenepislon AKA Phnep AKA Snap (for some reason)

* The winner was actually whichever candidate you voted for. Well, just so long as that candidate wasn’t Bush. Don’t blame me, I voted Max Flax Beeblewax in every election year ending with 5.


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