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“The Inter-Dimensional Quest for a Better You,” the banner announced. I suppressed an inter-dimensional spew of vomit and kept reading.

Burt Goldman, after biting his tongue for 36 years (WOW!), has finally revealed his ultra-secret, hyper-effective… thing? The article doesn’t come out and /say/ what the product is right away, but if it was secret for 36 years then it must be buyworthy!

The (whatever) is marketed at the “99%” who are not “truly happy” with their life,  those who do not “wake up every morning feeling 100% fulfilled.” Perhaps they should subdivide and focus on a particular segment. Oh wait, they do; “for the tarot enthusiast only.” Shit. Is that a shot at tarot readers? I think so.

Of course, depending on the version of spam you get, the finer details vary. However, the most important thing to remember is that you should give them your money.

Hail Eris, (and All Hail Quantum Bullshitting)!

-Phnepsilon…. Just Phnepsilon.



  1. Your criticism/skepticism are not very convincing-I was hoping you tried it and shared your EXPERIENCE-whatever -its what one selects o believe in-and that is the semi quantum leap that we take each in our own lives—with every thought

    • While I’ve never tasted shit, the smell is enough to indicate that paying to is probably a bad idea.

      If he really did find the secret to happiness, and was not just out to get money, this would be charity work. What kind of dick doesn’t share happiness for free?

      And don’t give me that “needs funding” crap. It’s the secret to happiness! The non-profit would be rolling in donations.

      Not that, given his history of being a scam artist, he would actually need additional funding.

    • I am doing Burt’s Quantum Studies…he did give a lot for free which I did in the begining as I was not going to just pay for something…and he keeps on giving…you can check out his 7 free lessons!

      Burt has an amazing insight and have delved deep into alot of his work. He amazes me with each lesson.

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