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This a leftist attempt to bring down unity in the Republican party… or something. Honestly, though, come on! My guess is that the LGBTSA is behind this. Next thing we know, O’Reilly will come out of the closet and propose to marry Kerry*. It’s amazing how far you can bring brainwashing. Perhaps there will be an episode of Fair and Balanced that satisfies at least one of its title’s descriptors. Perhaps even we’ll hear the voice of someone he’s interviewing! Or an apology to Glick for calling him a trader to America and a shame to his two dead parents. I can’t help but to wonder, to dream, what the LGBTSA will think of next!

Or perhaps O’Reilly finally wants to be able to look into the mirror at night without seeing the monster he’s become.

Nah, he just wants to be able to defend himself against claims of racism with “Some of my best presidents are black!

Okay LGBTSA, you’re off the hook this time.

~ φʹνʹεʹ ~

* I’m joking about the Kerry part. In actuality, my bet is on Rupert Murdoch. They’ve been bumping knees for a long time now… not to mention engaging in sexual intimacy.


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