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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Meditating, laughing, smoking pot, staring at leaves and at belly buttons intently, hugging, kissing, fucking, loving, even coincidentally illegal activities such as dropping acid or eating psychedelic mushrooms… those are our armaments against the technocrats. You can call me a paranoid anarcho-Luddite sex crazed dope fiend, but, before you call me anything unbecoming, first trace the knife’s path to the back! We are addicted to technology, and it is a harsh mistress. What happens after we land on the moon? What new substances will our addiction demand we abuse? Perhaps we’ll build bigger spaceships and follow the planets… Venus, Mercury, And then… Mmm. Let me put it frank; Icarus was an idle slave to a dependency on the physical state of the doer. All physical expansion requires the consumption of resources. Forgive me if I sound like a Marxist, but we become those resources. Laughter is the only sustainable resource… and maybe wind and solar.

Okay, most of that was bullshit.

Hail Eris,

Phnepsilon, The Suffixless



What is the impact of information jobs?



I would like to tip my hat to those responsible for the technology that allowed this discovery; the good folks who brought us giant fighting robots, the Japanese.

This is Phnepsilon, Edging on and poling off,

Hail HAT-P-7b!

On a subway train near you…

Praise Jebus!

Which translates to something like…